Engage, Empower, Excel

Turn learning into achievement with AcademyOcean's gamification learning management system

Customized Interface

Create a unique learning atmosphere with eLearning LMS gamification tools. Take control of your learning environment through our innovative Custom Interface feature.

This powerful tool allows you to tailor the platform to reflect your corporate culture, incorporating humor, corporate slang, or a game-style flair. Effortlessly modify button texts, tweak system messages, and infuse your platform with the personality your organization desires.
Change the usual “Start Course” button to something thrilling like “Let's Go!🚀”. Learning becomes an exciting adventure, full of fun and surprises!

Gamification elearning platform: Custom Interface

Badges and Certificates

Encourage learners to earn higher-level badges and certificates, fostering a sense of accomplishment and continuous improvement.

Create online courses tailored to individual needs. As they progress, reward their dedication with visually appealing badges and certificates, serving as powerful motivators for continuous achievement.

Picture a sales training program where badges signify mastery of specific techniques, and a comprehensive certificate demonstrates overall expertise.

Create a motivating and rewarding learning journey via eLearning LMS gamification features!

Gamification elearning platform: Badges and Certificates

Points and Grades System

Drive continuous learning and skill improvement with AcademyOcean's gamification platform.

Earn points for achievements and progress, fostering a culture of growth within our lms with gamification. Climb through different expertise levels, unlocking unique certificates along the way.

For instance, you can launch a training program where earned points signify mastery of specific skills. The system features graded levels, each representing a unique expertise tier. As learners accumulate points, they unlock specialized certificates tied to each level of proficiency.

Gamification in LMS: Points and Grades

Interactive Leaderboards

Foster a culture of active learning and healthy competition using lms gamification.
Dynamic leaderboards offer real-time updates, motivating learners to strive for excellence as they see their progress compared to peers.
Leaderboards showcase top performers, driving healthy competition.

With customizable visibility, administrators can highlight individual achievements or overall team progress, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. This is how AcademyOcean transforms your elearning lms gamification.
Moreover, AcademyOcean goes further with its White Label functionality, allowing you to customize the platform to align with your branding completely. Create a seamless, personalized learning experience for your users!

Gamification in LMS: Interactive Leaderboards

Learner Roadmap

AcademyOcean's lms with gamification functionality, offers an intuitive visual guide to track employee progress and completed milestones within each course. A learner roadmap allows employees to grasp their educational journey at a glance, providing clear direction and motivation throughout their learning experience.
As a result, employees are not just completing courses; they are actively engaged, tracking their success.

Gamification in LMS: Learner Roadmap

Personalized Profiles

Learner profiles serve as a comprehensive hub for employees, offering a detailed view of their learning journey.
Learners can effortlessly monitor their achievements, view earned certificates, and assess overall success.

This transparent overview empowers learners to take ownership of their progress and stay motivated to achieve their learning goals.

Gamification in LMS: Personalized Learner Profiles

Motivate with Real-time Feedback

Keep employees interested and engaged with AcademyOcean's feedback features.

Our Cloud LMS goes beyond simple feedback, offering detailed insights in text, audio, or video formats. Trainers can provide personalized guidance, enabling learners to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Additionally, you can improve learner retention with features such as NPS surveys, quizzes with ranks or reactions, interactive notifications, and tutors' comments.

Gamification in LMS: Trainers Feedback

Use Comprehensive Reporting for Systematic Enhancement

With AcademyOcean gamifying lms your mobile e-learning experience is tracked, providing insights into how learners engage with content.

Our powerful "Funnel" report offers more than just numbers – it provides a granular view of course completion percentages for each lesson, offering invaluable insights into learner engagement.
It empowers administrators to pinpoint exactly where learners excel or face challenges. By understanding which lessons have lower completion rates, admins can identify areas where content might be less engaging or challenging. This information becomes crucial for continuous improvement!

Learning management system gamification: Engagement funnel