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What are we offering?

The AcademyOcean team will create an Academy that is tailored to your product or a topic that’s valuable to your target audience.

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Why do your customers need an Academy?

Your Academy will improve your conversion rates at every step of the customer journey.

Spark Interest

If your audience doesn’t know about your product yet, an Academy that covers a valuable related topic will spark interest and demonstrate the real value of your solution.

Show Advantages

Your potential customers will learn all the advantages of your solution through an engaging educational course.

Better Onboarding

Your Academy will help with the onboarding process for new users and keep your customers up-to-date on all the new features your team releases.

Bring Value

Your current customers will have the tool they need to get more value from your product. The more value they receive, the higher the LTV.

Showcase Skills

Pro users of your product will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and become certified via your Academy.

Brand Advocacy

With an Academy, you can help your loyal users become product evangelists or even partners.

Whom is it for?

This is for companies that already understand the value of customer education but lack the resources to create their own Academy.

We are offering our services and experience to these companies and will create educational Academies for their users.

I’m not sure…

Your future Academy

As a part of your website an academy could be invite-only or have free access. As a result, your ready-to-launch Academy will include:


At least one full course


Six to twelve lessons in each course


If necessary, we will add quizzes to test your learners


Pictures and videos under CC0 license or provided by you

Dashboard — Keep a finger on the pulse of your Academy
Learner Statistics — Know every reader of your content
Funnels — See what interests your audience
Settings — Set up and launch your Academy in minutes
API — Import data from your Academy into your CRM
Welcome Page — Your Academy welcomes learners and invites them to take courses
Structure — Engage learners with step-by-step processes and interactive elements
Devices — Academies are mobile-friendly, so learners can read your content anywhere
Certificates — Reward learners with verified certificates of completion
Learner StatisticsLearner Statistics
Welcome PageWelcome Page

Additional options

Our team can create a custom certificate design for your Academy.

Increase in conversion rates of trial accounts into paying customers was seen by Planfix after enrolling users in Planfix Academy.

Why order this service?

Here are a few ways in which having our team create your Academy will benefit you and save you time and money.

We Keep You Focused

Your team can focus on more important tasks while we create your Academy.

We Have The Staff

You do not have to search for content creators for your Academy; we are already here, and we’re ready to help.

Skip Onboarding

No need to teach your content creator how to use AcademyOcean. We have already created multiple Academies: Product Hunt academy, Gmail academy


Our creation pipeline and pricing are clear and transparent.


You are able to participate in content creation by proposing ideas in discussions with our team. You relay your vision and goals, and we work them into your new Academy.


We use our extensive experience in creating live user Academies to bring you the best results.

Academy creation process

Clear Pipeline

We provide our clients with a step-by-step checklist with creation stages for transparent tracking of the whole process.


All ongoing discussions regarding the contents of the Academy will be done via email or during online conference calls.

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