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Edem Resort Medical & SPA
Use case:
Onboarding and testing employees
Key features used:
Quizzes & exam
Edem Resort Medical & SPA
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Edem Resort Medical & SPA opened back in 2012 and has a team of professionals who've been in the industry for 12–20 years plus.

«Together with HR team and team leaders our main priority is to develop employees to their best by providing with constant and easy to access learning, strengthen the basics and develop an always-curious mindset»

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«Most of our staff hasn’t had such accessible, organized and digital experience of learning at previous places of work. That definitely helps us to attract more talent and maintain interest to continuous learning»

Sofia Nikulina
Personnel Development Specialist
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А unified corporate culture across locations

With the company's ambitious plans and growth, the team has realized that the best way to keep standards among all employees is to automate the process of learning and development.

Considering that Edem are expanding their organization on multiple projects across the country and abroad, it is vital for them to keep the same corporate culture, adaptation process, coaching, and development in all areas.

«Our goal is to make a unique academy of knowledge to which each and every employee of our company has access. This will not only allow us to increase the level of service, but also to help each individual grow to their best potential»

Platform requirements:

Fast access for all employees
Gamified training
Real-time results tracking

Induction training & testing of employees

Edem created the first few lessons within a day and within a week had a full-on course for a department. As a first step, they used an MVP strategy, assign a trial course for several employees to get feedback and improve the course as needed.

«At the beginning we started small, with less than 10 people doing try-outs. Once the first course was complete and let out to the audience, the number of learners quickly escalated to 50 and continued to grow»

Onboarding course

Then Edem have included presentation of online LMS into induction training, which every new employee joins as part of onboarding. While on the training, they are able to log in to the platform already. At the same time, they have developed the course for “Adaption” which includes mandatory training for each employee, and they have to finish it within the first 3 months.

Another set of speeding up adaptation processes is that all SOPs for each service area are uploaded and available on LMS.

«Each employee after completing the course of professional knowledge is able to acknowledge SOP. That makes it possible for us to get an employee's digital signature and avoid lots of paperwork»

Product and service knowledge tests

Some teams had used monthly tests on product and service knowledge, to refresh the basics and keep the standard high. As Edem hasn’t had LMS yet, those tests were made on paper, which took time out of their work and a few hours from managers, when they used to check each of them later.

«The reports and statistics extraction feature makes my job a lot easier»


«As an L&D manager, it is important for me to incorporate gamification into the learning process»

AcademyOcean allows you to do this with different ways of presenting information, such as videos, pictures, textual layout, and PDF file support. And for each successfully completed course or test learner can receive a personal certificate.

Results in numbers


to launch the first course


learners in the Academy


reduced onboarding time for newcomers


Edem reduced newcomers' onboarding time from several months to a week

While having a new member joining Food & Beverage team, it took them a few months to study the menu and SOPs. There are tons of information, copies of menus were printed out, lots of notes and material on papers.

«When we introduced AcademyOcean and placed all learning information into the platform, all their manager had to do is to send them the link»

Training available 24/7

«Employees now are able to study on-the-go from their phones, while on the way to work or at home»

It is much more interactive, visual and available for them, and after each menu and course they test their understanding, which directly shows their progress.

Now onboarding takes from a few days to a week!

Engaged employees

With the constant appearance of new courses in various disciplines and topics (hard skills, soft skills, leadership, professional literature, etc.), HR and managers began to receive feedback from employees more often.

«We started to hear reviews of what was interesting to our employees and what else they would like to learn. Accessible training that they have easy access has kept the team motivated»

In order to drive employee interest, Edem used gamification. Employees receive points for taking courses in various skills. By earning points, they move their team closer to winning the competition.


Involve all teams in the training process

AcademyOcean's structure allows you to create individual teams, assign them coaches, and give each team access to specific content.

Edem have started small with focusing on 3 departments: housekeeping, golf team and front office. Within a few weeks they have added Food & Beverage, IT, Safety teams and the list goes on daily.

«Our goal remains to involve each area and team at the hotel in the learning process»


Edem Resort Medical & Spa has successfully implemented AcademyOcean LMS not only in mandatory training, onboarding, but also included it in company competition within departments.

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