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Case Study — SmartKeyword

1. A bit about the company

SmartKeyword is the simplest turnkey SEO solution on the market. We provide an online SEO platform to optimize your website, and a personalised coach to teach SEO techniques and thus develop know-how internally.

2. Why did you decide to create the Smartkeyword Academy? What problems did you want to solve?

The SmartKeyword Academy is one of the pillars of what our company has to offer, since it’s where our clients go to develop their SEO knowledge. It plays an essential role in our clients being able to independently drive their strategy internally.

3. Where did you start?

We started by analyzing our clients’ greatest needs for knowledge. Starting with SEO basics was key, so we created our first course on how to conduct effective keyword research.

4. How much time did it take to create the Academy?

The part that took the longest was writing the contents of the course, which we did in a Word document. Then came the structuring of the different lessons within the course, and finally the quiz at the end. All in all, it probably took us a couple weeks from start to finish, because we were keen to include as many examples in our lessons as possible and structure them as a step-by-step process. This kind of material takes a bit of time to put together. Using AcademyOcean to create the course and the various lessons within it took no time at all, probably an hour or so. :)

5. What did you do after you created your first course?

That first course was then published and shared straight away with existing clients who needed it to perform their own keyword research. It saved our account managers so much time! Our two-hour onboarding calls now only take one hour. Our account managers are able to focus on troubleshooting issues or answering general questions from our clients about the product. Plus, our clients find it incredibly useful to have an online resource to go back to whenever they need a refresher. And they all loved the quizzes!

6. What benefits do you get from the Academy now?

We’ve added many more courses, and all of our clients need to take these courses when they first sign up with us. It’s a great tool internally, as well for all our new employees. It helps them learn about all the SEO topics they’ll need to do their jobs. When a new hire is brought on, he/she is tasked with completing the lessons, taking notes, and asking questions. This ensures that our staff all have the same basic knowledge of SEO.

7. What kinds of quantifiable results did you see?

More than 4,600 lessons have been completed by over 300 learners in the past 12 months. Since we have about 100 clients, this means that, on average, three employees at each client company have taken courses in the SmarKeyword Academy.

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