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Learning LMS

Transforming Learning Experiences

Discover a new era of corporate training with AcademyOcean's blended learning software

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Key Features of AcademyOcean Blended Learning Platform

Blended learning platform: LMS features

Adaptive Learning Technology

Design courses that adapt to the diverse needs of your learners

Utilize our dynamic content technology to provide a personalized and efficient learning journey. The platform evolves with the learner, adjusting content based on their interactions (welcome pop-up), performance (quiz results) or other learning conditions.

Blended learning platform: Dynamic content

Advanced Progress Tracking

Keep a pulse on learner progress with our advanced tracking and reporting tools

Unlock a comprehensive understanding of your learners' progress through AcademyOcean's advanced tracking and reporting tools. Monitor participant engagement in real-time, track completion rates, and identify specific areas requiring additional attention.

  • Learners statistics
  • Engagement funnels
  • Dashboards
  • Certification Tracking

Blended learning platform: Tracking and reporting

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Enhance your training ecosystem with AcademyOcean's seamless integration capabilities. Integrate our blended learning tool with existing systems and tools to streamline processes and data flow.

Integrated LMS blended learning: Connectivity across platforms

Collaborative Learning Environment

AcademyOcean's collaborative environment allows seamless assignment of roles, promoting active engagement and shared responsibility within the learning community. Explore how learners can take on different roles to foster collaboration with our mobile learning capabilities.

  • Learners roles
  • Sharing options

Integrated LMS blended learning: Connectivity across platforms

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