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Benefits Of LMS Dental Online Training

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Improved Patient Care

Ensure your team is up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques to improve patient care and satisfaction.

Increased Employee Retention

Provide employees with workplace training to increase their satisfaction, retention, and long-term loyalty.

Reduced Risk of Litigation

Keep your team compliant with proper procedures and protocols to help protect your practice.

Provide Quality Learning With E-learning Dental Tool

AcademyOcean LMS is here to help you create customized training, make assessments, and analyze employees' performance

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Automate Workflow

Create a learning path tailored to your goals and objectives

Employee onboarding is crucial for any practice, as it sets the tone for successfully integrating new team members. With AcademyOcean LMS, streamline your onboarding process by integrating LMS dental training capabilities into your workflow. Engage and motivate newcomers with customized content tailored to your practice's needs.

This tailored approach ensures that your new team members get up to speed quickly and feel a strong sense of belonging from the very start.

Multimedia dental training system course options

Enhance employee development with AcademyOcean LMS. Utilize LMS dental for a structured approach and dental online training to ensure team members receive the right content at the right time. Assign specific content and tasks to employees, then let the system handle the rest.

This automated process ensures team members receive the right content at the right time, making their onboarding experience efficient and effective. 

Step-by-step online dental training platform learning

Clinical Skills & Compliance Training

Dental education software built-in course creator

AcademyOcean LMS simplifies the onboarding process for your practice. Create tailored courses covering compliance, specific procedures, or advanced techniques, ensuring your team gets the most relevant and up-to-date content through dental online training.

The beauty of our platform is that team members can complete their training at their own pace, allowing for a personalized learning experience that suits their individual needs and schedules.


Complete the training at your own pace


Stay up-to-date with the latest best practices

Patient Communication Training

With AcademyOcean LMS, effectively onboard your employees using online dental training methodologies. Fine-tune training content based on real-time performance data, focusing on aspects such as effective communication and patient education.

This content is pivotal in your team's onboarding process and ongoing development, enabling them to provide an unparalleled patient experience while significantly boosting patient satisfaction.


Video answers for practicing skills


Scenario-based training

Multimedia dental continuing education software assessments

Knowledge checking & Auditing

Identify knowledge gaps to develop targeted training programs

Seamless cloud-based LMS for dental practices feedback

AcademyOcean LMS facilitates a comprehensive assessment process to evaluate your employees' progress in mastering dental online training content. We have various assessment tools, including quizzes, practical evaluations, surveys, and skill exams. The ability to continuously assess and refine your training content and processes ensures that your employees are consistently equipped with the expertise required to excel in their roles.

Detailed dental course management system analytics

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of employee performance with AcademyOcean LMS. Explore dental training and LMS dental metrics, enabling informed adjustments for enhanced onboarding and training programs.
Such analysis serves as a valuable resource to identify the most effective training methods and content, allowing you to make informed adjustments that enhance the quality of future onboarding and training programs.

Training Certificates & Ranks

Acknowledge and celebrate your employees' accomplishments with AcademyOcean LMS. Issue custom certificates using our user-friendly LMS dental tool to recognize specific achievements and milestones.

Our platform is equipped with an in-built editor. This user-friendly tool allows you to design well-crafted and visually appealing certificates for each course or achievement.

Motivate your team with dental training online courses certificates

We’re with you every step of the way

Your working and training success is our priority.


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