Financial Services Training

Streamline your financial training strategy with AcademyOcean LMS

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Financial Services Training

Key Benefits Of Financial Services Training

Up-to-date knowledge

Inform employees of the latest industry trends, regulations, and technologies.

Improved compliance

Help workers understand the regulations and guidelines that govern the financial services industry.

Competitive advantage

Provide high-quality services and stay ahead of the curve in the financial services industry.

Financial Services LMS To Train Employees And Provide Best Services

AcademyOcean helps you empower your employees with comprehensive training that strengthens their skills and knowledge

Training: Courses and video meetings

Develop interactive courses and tests

Use text, images, audio, and video to engage learners and improve retention.

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Course builder options at AcademyOcean

Evaluate knowledge progress using more than 10 types of tasks. Create completion tests after each course or complex exams on some topics.

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Exam management section at AcademyOcean LMS

Host ILT (Instructional Led Training) from the platform. You can also plan and conduct webinars integrated with Zoom or other tools.

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Meeting section at AcademyOcean LMS

Create realistic
scenario-based training

Task with video answer at AcademyOcean LMS

Allows learners to practice and apply their knowledge in a safe environment

Ask employees to record their reactions on video or talk about their actions in situations that may happen at work. That way, you can train their confidence and give constructive feedback.

Build automatic learning paths

Set up step-by-step personalized paths catering to individual learners' needs and preferences.

Smart training flow

Adaptive content

Easy managing

Learning paths creation at AcademyOcean LMS
Analytics in AcademyOcean LMS

Track and analyze

Monitor learner's progress, and measure the effectiveness of your training program.

Live dashboards

Churn rate funnels

In-depth reports

Be sure your data is safe

GDPR-compliant LMS

All of your content and user data are fully protected. Moreover, the platform has a security center with additional settings.

Copy protection

Watermarking files

Access restrictions by IP or domain

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 Data security in LMS
Integration options at AcademyOcean LMS

Streamline your workflow

Use APIs & Webhooks or Zapier to integrate AcademyOcean with your tech stack. Automate and streamline various aspects of your training program.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

HRIS integration

Communication tools and more

We’re with you every step of the way

Your working and training success is our priority

Personal training with Solution Consultants

Access to in-depth course on how to work with AcademyOcean

Live chat support on the Platform

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Clients feedback

See how AcademyOcean will work in your organization

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