Online Induction Training Software

Create a personalized online induction program with our training software to engage new hires and reduce employee turnover. Our modern online employee induction system offers interactive courses, comprehensive analytics, and automated learning journeys.

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Master the basics with our induction training software - perfect for new employee onboarding courses

Fast adaptation and distribution of employees' workload with the help of induction training software

First impression
Feeling engaged with the company even before the first workday with online induction training software
Reduced turnover
Support which shows that the employer values employees through an online employee induction program
Increased Productivity
A clear roadmap helps employees get up to speed quickly with induction training software

We're trusted by companies around the world

Minimize employee turnover by setting a clear path for development and achievement

The AcademyOcean team - driving innovation in online induction training software

Keep new hires focused from day one

See how AcademyOcean LMS for Induction can help you launch a step-by-step online employee induction program.

Gradually open access to the selected materials by creating a step-by-step learning path. Each employee sees their Roadmap and keeps track of their own progress and ranking with induction training software.

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Meet the courses, certificates and other tools of our cutting-edge online employee induction platform

Schedule one-on-one meetings or group webinars and access training courses within one platform with a personal calendar for online employee induction.

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Streamline your online induction system - all training resources in one convenient place

Use different formats. Start by introducing the company and the team in a video. Introduce instructions and policies into interactive presentations with pictures/audio, etc. This can all be streamlined with the help of induction training software.

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Engage learners with interactive online inductions, powered by our intuitive software

Online induction training software should`t be boring or overwhelming

AcademyOcean online employee induction program allows the creation of an engaging virtual induction training software program.

Bring your induction training to life with multimedia content using our software

We have multiple tools that allow you to tailor content based on each employee's needs and preferences, all facilitated by online induction training software.

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Reward achievement with personalized certificates through our online induction training software

Use grades, badges, leaderboards, and certificates to encourage employee engagement and motivation, all with the help of induction training software.

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Gather valuable insights with feedback surveys in our online employee induction system

Provide two-way feedback. Provide comments on assignments completed by learners. Ask newcomers how they are feeling and if they need help with the online induction system.

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Assessments as part of the induction training software program

The new employee and his or her direct manager will be able to check on how the newbie is progressing during the onboarding using the online induction system

Create practice exams and quizzes. Check how newcomers mastered the new material with induction training software.

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14 types of questions

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Аny level of complexity

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File downloads and video answers

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The innovative minds behind our game-changing online induction software

In-depth analytics with the online induction system

Follow the progress of newcomers to get the right insights

Gain comprehensive learner insights with detailed reporting in our induction management system

See progress on each key point in the induction program and by each employee directly.

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Optimize your online inductions with funnel analytics in our induction software

It is helpful to know what aspects of training content can be improved to make it more engaging. Funnels will highlight weaknesses.

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Get an at-a-glance view of your online induction system's performance with intuitive dashboards

Overall performance of your onboarding academy in up-to-the-minute visual reports

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Key Benefits for Using Online Induction Training Software

Online induction training software empowers employees to access training materials at any location and time, using internet-connected devices.
The induction software's flexibility effortlessly accommodates a growing workforce, making it a perfect fit for organizations of all sizes and industries.
Online induction program ensures uniform delivery of training content, guaranteeing that every employee undergoes the same onboarding experience and receives consistent information.
Multimedia Content
The online induction software supports multimedia elements, such as videos, interactive quizzes, and graphics, heightening engagement and augmenting learning effectiveness.
Interactive Assessments
The virtual induction program seamlessly integrates interactive assessments, ensuring employees comprehend and retain essential information during the induction process.
Compliance Management
The software streamlines tracking and documenting compliance training, certifying that employees meet regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks.

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Find answers to common questions about our online induction systems

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