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Advantages Of Micro E-learning

Scientific approach

Use evidence-based research and make your lessons as long as learners can concentrate

Development speed

Short units help your learners more quickly understand and absorb the information

Learning as a habit

Make learning part of your team's workday. When it's comfortable, it's not a routine

Micro-courses learning approach: flexible and productive learning system

AcademyOcean LMS lets you easily create modern courses and stay focused on the essentials: effective training and integration of knowledge into your workflow.

Launch microlearning in one day

Instantly create and publish training courses that become available in a few clicks on a smartphone.

An advanced editor allows you to make courses with video, audio or reading microlearning lessons.

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14 types of quizzes will allow you to test knowledge in different ways. Make your learning more productive and engaging!

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Skilled employees can create courses and share knowledge with beginners. Learners can also share the courses and recommend it to other colleagues.

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Provide engaging non-routine training

Inspire your employees to develop and grow

Our dynamic content technology lets you tailor content to each learner's needs and preferences.

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Ratings and rewards engage and encourage attentive learning.

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Training roadmap, linear passing mode, bookmarks, and other handy tricks will make the learning journey clear and seamless.

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Analyze and give feedback

Get all the tools you need to analyze learner progress and connect with learners.

Enjoy convenient downloadable reports on all activities and detailed progress cards for each learner.

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Visual statistics for a quick overview to understand the main training indicators. And funnels that help you see weaknesses in content and make changes in time.

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Stay in touch with your learners, ask for reviews or opinions, and give feedback.

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Key Benefits of Using Microlearning Platform For Companies

Bite-sized  Learning
Microlearning provides training material in brief and concentrated segments, enhancing the ability of employees to grasp and preserve information.
Employees have the ability to swiftly engage with microlearning modules during pauses or periods of low activity, thereby maximizing their chances for learning without causing disturbances to their work routines.
Mobile Compatibility
Microlearning systems frequently exhibit mobile compatibility, allowing employees to engage in learning while in motion, thereby enhancing accessibility and flexibility.
Targeted Learning
Enterprises have the capacity to offer precise and pertinent microlearning modules, addressing the distinct requirements and skill gaps of each employee, which leads to the creation of more impactful training.
The abbreviated period required for development and the simplified content structure of microlearning lead to financial benefits in contrast to conventional, extensive training initiatives.

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