Product Training LMS

Drive product adoption, give valuable insights to customers, and level up your sale.

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Product Training LMS

How Product Training Will Boost Your Productivity

Increased NPS

Teach users how to use your product to its full potential and reduce churn

Boost your sales

Simplify your partners' marketing and selling your products consistently

Streamline onboarding

Product training allows employees to effectively help customers

Learn To Sell Smarter With Online Product Training Courses

Support new product launches with customized training programs for employees, customers, and partners.

Create product-focused courses

AcademyOcean allows you to create videos, audio, presentations, and other content to promote new features.

Create beautiful and impressive product tours using our editor's multiple tools. Highlight new product launches and promote new features.

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Deliver standardized product training across your organization. Easily create and manage different learning portals for multiple audiences.

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You can use rewards and ratings to engage users, and certificates for affiliates and resellers.

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Build a product knowledge base

Turn your customers, partners, and employees into product experts.

Handy format

View the information you need online or let learners download the lessons in PDF

24/7 access

Make learning easy. Access the knowledge base anytime and from any device.


Free of confusion—everyone will only access what they need to work or learn, depending on the department or team.

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Get valuable insights

Multiple tests and surveys help you understand user satisfaction and partner confidence.

It is a great way to test sellers on how much they know about the product and how confidently they can sell it. Set the response criteria and ask them to record their video.

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14 types of questions allow for a comprehensive test of product knowledge. Make learning more productive and engaging!

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Use special surveys to check customer satisfaction with the company's product or service and their loyalty to the brand.

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Analyze and improve

Get all the numbers you need to analyze learner progress.

Utilize downloadable reports on all training activities and detailed progress cards for each learner.

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Just run a quick overview to understand the main training indicators and content quality to make improvements promptly.  

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We’re with you every step of the way

Our team is always available if you need technical help or have any questions about the platform

Personal training sessions with product experts

A detailed academy about AcademyOcean

Live chat support on the platform

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Clients feedback

See how AcademyOcean will work in your organization

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