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Manage your tutoring business with easy-to-use LMS
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Schedule classes
Conduct exams

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Organize All Learning Materials In One Place

Host your courses in the cloud, available 24 hours a day and from anywhere around the world. Explore the power of tutoring software to elevate your eLearning experience.

Tutoring Management System Advantages

Try our tutor management software for personal courses or tutoring business

Interactive Content Editor

AcademyOcean LMS allows you to package your materials into multiple and engaging learning content(lessons) with the help of specially designed tutor management software.

Get more teaching done with the built-in course creating tools, powered by tutor management software:
✔️Audio podcasts and video lessons
✔️Text, presentations, and pictures 
✔️Outside embedded content

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Schedule one-on-one sessions with our ILT feature, facilitated by tutoring business software training. We've made scheduling easy across time zones, ideal for online tutors.

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Use a variety of question types and tasks built in LMS for better practice of your learners' skills, supported by tutoring management system:
✔️ Multi-choice & single choice questions
✔️ File downloads and video answers
✔️ Exam management features and more

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Multi-Tutor Management

Manage your staff and tutors more efficiently with AcademyOcean

Efficiently delegate assignments and training to staff and tutors with flexible accesses to management, content creation, and analytics using tutoring center management software.

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Assign multiple tutors to each team of learners on the platform using tutor software. Everyone will be able to work specifically with their group, check assignments, and give feedback.

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A central hub for checking tasks that require manual approval 
✔️ Tutor can leave comments for learners
✔️ The learner will receive a feedback notification

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In-depth analytics

Funnels show content weaknesses and avoid learner churn. This analysis will help you understand what you need to improve to attract more learners.

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Reports with filters will help you look at results from different perspectives: total results for courses/tests/exams/lessons and each learner's personal progress. This feature provided by software tutors allows for a comprehensive analysis of performance data.

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Visual data to help you track your academy scores online:
✔️ Total number of learners, completed lessons
✔️ Geography of learners (learners map)
✔️ Academy popularity by hour and more

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Make a great impression

When it comes to interactive learning, it's crucial to offer your learners a great user experience 

Design your lesson portal in your style: welcome page, colors, course covers, domain, and even interface text.

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Enjoyable interacting with the platform: personal profile, easy login, bookmarks, night mode, and other cool things.

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Welcome your learners by name, adapt content based on learner parameters, and provide personal certificates

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Integration with your tutoring website

Set up a direct link to the learning platform and connect the payments using Zapier, APIs & Webhooks

We're with you every
step of the way

You can always count on our customer service team for assistance navigating the platform:

Personal training session before you start work

Detailed platform knowledge base

Support chat and communication with our experts

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