How to create a multilingual academy and educate partners in over 90 countries

«With the help of AcademyOcean, we were able to create our Ajax Academy from the ground up in a matter of weeks. I'd like to mention in particular the exceptional UI/UX for both administrators and end users (our employees and partners). AcademyOcean is very easy to use, even if you need to create a multilingual academy. (Ajax operates in 90+ countries)»

CMO, Ajax
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Founded in 2011, Ajax Systems is the manufacturer of one of the most renowned security systems in Europe. Ajax products are used in hundreds of countries, and HALF A MILLION facilities around the world are protected by Ajax!
Ajax has been using AcademyOcean since 2018 to train employees and partners.

Over 5,000 people have completed the training in Ajax's academy, including distributors, resellers, installers, and security employees.

The company used AcademyOcean to launch several educational academies in three European languages at once. At the end of the training, learners can take a test and even receive an official certificate from Ajax. And since their academy is open to the public, our team took the test ourselves several times for fun, and we only managed to pass on our tenth try! You'll really need to be prepared.

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