How an Austrian company trains partners using LMS

This story is about a tiny Austrian town, "super tech," and Home Alone
"Our marketing department always researches where each of AcademyOcean's clients comes from. Analytics usually help us learn the source of our clients, but sometimes it turns out during personal conversations and meetings. It is surprising and pleasant when, to the question: "How did you find out about us?", they answer, "I can't remember, but I think I saw a post from your founder on social media."

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How does the team from Odessa help an Austrian technology company popularize technologies of the future in 13 countries around the world?
This is a story about the company Loxone, headquartered in Austria. They offer a wide range of solutions for smart homes, smart offices, smart hotels, and other smart spaces.

Most impressive features:

— Multi-room audio systems. With these systems, the music follows you when you move from room to room. When you come home, the system chooses a playlist and turns it on the second you walk through the door.

— Smart sensors for saunas (temperature, light) and pools (water quality and pH).

— Air quality monitoring in offices.

— Systems to make life easier for the elderly (increasing comfort and safety). This includes automatic temperature adjustment and sensors that detect when a person has fallen(!). And also the systems that track "unusual" behavior. One system goes so far as to analyze everything happening in the home, and then it determines how often a person flushes the toilet. Based on this monitoring, the system draws conclusions for doctors and caretakers.

— Smart irrigation systems that analyze rainfall, for professional soccer fields.

— There's even "presence simulation," for when you need to make it look like things are going on inside a house when the residents are actually out. (Sounds like Home Alone, right?)

Loxone was founded in 2009. Their headquarters are located in a small Austrian town with a population of 1,500. Yes, less than 2,000 people! In the photos you can see their headquarters. In the 11 years since they were founded, Loxone has completed over 130,000 projects!

Loxone has 300 employees and more than 10,000 partners. They contacted AcademyOcean at the beginning of 2020, asking for help building a system to educate and test their partners in various countries. Here's what ended up happening:

1. The Loxone team created Academies in 13 European languages.

2. Their partners had great feedback, so Loxone decided to launch an education system for their employees, too. They created a separate company Academy for this because in AcademyOcean you can create separate learning environments with just a few clicks.

3. Loxone focuses heavily on partner testing. One day they wrote to us and said something along the lines of, "Guys, we created 300 tests with several thousand questions for our partners. Can you help us optimize how we're using them?" Our team discussed the client's task, and we decided the situation called for new technology. A few months later, we came out with a new feature: the quiz library. This is like an archive of quiz questions that you can use as "building blocks" to create personalized tests for the various types of learners you need to educate.

And that's our story about how AcademyOcean helps the Austrian tech company Loxone promote the technology of the future!

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