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Now corporate clients are using our academy, and they appreciate the convenience and step-by-step structure of the training, which allows users to get started with YouScan more quickly
"Now corporate clients are using our academy, and they appreciate the convenience and step-by-step structure of the training, which allows users to get started with YouScan more quickly. As of today, we have more than 635 users who have received certificates. In addition, clients can study independently at any time convenient to them. This helps reduce the burden on the CS and Support teams. Now they can focus more on assisting with more complex and individualized requests"

VP of Customer Success, YouScan
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Imagine that you work in the marketing department of Nike. It's your job to figure out where and when people mention your brand on social media.

It's easy to track posts that say things like, "Just bought a new pair of Nikes." But what about when people take selfies in Nike sportswear? How does your task change when you need to track your brand in pictures?

As it turns out, the answer has actually been around for a while now. YouScan has been developing a tool for analyzing visual content for over 10 years.
The following YouScan features really impressed us:

— If your brand buys ad space near the stage at an event or concert, YouScan will provide insights such as how often your logo appears in pictures and what percentage of the event time it was shown on screen, if the event was televised.

— Not only can you analyze the instances when your logo appears in an image, but you can also analyze what's happening around it. The YouScan algorithms can detect running, biking, public speaking, cooking, and dozens of other activities.

— Using neural networks, you can figure out the age and gender of the people taking the most pictures with your brand.

— And of course the system can analyze large numbers of reviews and mentions of your brand online. Automatically determine whether a review is positive or negative, and notify your team when there's a discussion somewhere online they should react to.

Imagine what it must be like for users to get fast responses to their posts from famous brands. (YouScan works with Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nestle, L'Oreal, and more). Praise and complaints alike get responses, and screenshots of these responses are often circulated on the Internet.
YouScan reached out to AcademyOcean in 2019. Several of their clients — digital and PR agencies — requested that they create educational courses for their product. These clients wanted to have a document to establish their employees' extensive knowledge in social media analytics, which would certify their mastery of YouScan. This helps the agencies when selling their own services.

With AcademyOcean's built-in certification module, this was an easy task. AcademyOcean users can select an existing certificate design or upload their own, and from there they'll be certifying learners in a matter of minutes.

The YouScan team said that they particularly enjoyed one of their first reviews, after they launched their academy and certification: "The testing is a breath of fresh air. We were especially pleased with how information was presented in the course 'Creating search queries.' It was simple — no frills".

They then began educating corporate clients. Since then, more than 600 people have become certified YouScan experts.

AcademyOcean has separate features for working with corporate clients, which allow you to create an unlimited number of academies (separate educational portals for each client).

By the way, not only does YouScan have an awesome product, they also do a bunch of other interesting things on the side. For example, they created a solar power station on their balcony.
We're constantly receiving feedback from clients, and YouScan is no exception:

"I always notice the new features that improve things for administrators or learners. I really liked the new templates for the user-facing interface and quiz statistics, in particular".

We love this kind of feedback! It means our work has purpose.

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