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Revolutionize Your Training with The Best Trainual Alternative: AcademyOcean LMS

Frontline LMS features

Train More Learners For Less

Kickstarting your training with Trainual comes for $8 per seat, with a mandatory 10-seat minimum. This amounts to a monthly charge of $80. However, this isn't solely about learners; the 10-seat requirement encompasses all user roles. So, if you have administrators, editors, and trainers, you're left with 7 seats for actual learners. Consequently, you might either expand your Trainual subscription or exclude certain employees from training.

In contrast, AcademyOcean's entry-level plan boasts 1,000 learners, ensuring comprehensive training coverage.

Unleash Your Training Creativity with Unmatched Flexibility

Diverging from Trainual, AcademyOcean empowers you to host online meetings with learners seamlessly integrated into the platform. From individual sessions to sprawling webinars, this feature facilitates real-time training, Q&A sessions, and immediate learner feedback. 

Additionally, AcademyOcean seamlessly supports the SCORM format, enabling smooth migration of your existing content from other platforms. And as the icing on the cake, our AI tool crafts captivating lessons in under a minute!

Webinar learning at AcademyOcean LMS
Customize LMS interface at AcademyOcean LMS

Language No Barrier: Tailored Training Anywhere

We've ensured our platform can be used globally. AcademyOcean has developed a unique tool that lets you modify words in the interface (and even add emoji). This helps you convey the desired tone and makes the learning process unique.Moreover, with AcademyOcean, you can translate your academy into different languages for admins and learners.

Elevate Assessment with Comprehensive Quizzes and Exams

Unlike Trainual's limited test options (multiple-choice and open-ended), AcademyOcean empowers you with over 14 diverse question types. These encompass attachments and video-recorded answers.

Furthermore, you will also access a section with exams that enable creating complex knowledge tests and dozens of unique settings: mixing, question weights, tags, grades, and custom completion certificates.

Quiz & Exam management at AcademyOcean LMS
Advanced training statistics at AcademyOcean LMS

In-Depth Insights: Unveil Progress with Advanced Statistics

Unlike AcademyOcean, Trainual only offers basic statistics.The only 3 reports they have available provide minimal information about learner progress.

Thanks to the advanced statistics available in AcademyOcean, the platform lets you determine how far each learner has gotten in your training. You can view stats on courses and quizzes, learners and teams. And you can use the funnel visualization to evaluate your training content and determine which materials need improvements.

Start Using the Technology of the Future in Your Training!

AcademyOcean offers a variety of unique features that aren't available in Trainual LMS

Tailored Learning with Adaptive Content

AcademyOcean revolutionizes training by introducing dynamic content adaptation, a feature exclusive to our platform. By incorporating variables like names, cities, and companies, lessons transform to cater uniquely to each learner. For instance, if your organization spans multiple countries, German learners access content pertinent to Berlin, while French counterparts delve into Paris-centric information.

Personalization options at AcademyOcean LMS
Personal learning paths at AcademyOcean LMS

Craft Personalized Learning Journeys

Creating a personalized learning path for each learner using the Smart Teams feature is easy. 

Learners completing courses within one team seamlessly transition to the next. For instance, a recruit finishing all “New Hires” courses automatically progresses to their respective departmental team, be it the “Sales Department” or “Support Team.”

Streamlined Content Management through Synchronization

Use this module to create copies of your content and synchronize them. The module creates a link between documents, and any changes made to the original are duplicated in the copies. This powerful function reduces the time spent creating new courses and updating existing ones.

Content management at AcademyOcean LMS
Multiple training portals at AcademyOcean LMS

Unified Training, Diverse Audiences: Master Multiportality

Break free from limitations with AcademyOcean's unparalleled multiple portal feature. Imagine harnessing a single account to wield multiple training portals, each tailored to a distinct audience.

Whether branches spanning the globe or varied client and partner training, AcademyOcean empowers you to carve out separate, fully-fledged learning environments. Allocate unique teams of trainers, customize content, and craft distinct experiences – all within the confines of one master account.

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