Smart alternative to Agylia LMS

Unlike Agylia LMS, AcademyOcean presents an all-in-one solution for crafting and customizing training portals. No additional tools are required for designing interactive courses and quizzes. 

AcademyOcean's globally-oriented LMS boasts an unparalleled user-friendliness rating of 9.8/10, making it an attractive alternative to Agylia. Try AcademyOcean today to experience a comprehensive platform that delivers branding capabilities and seamless course creation.

Course/quiz builder
Separate paid app
Creating teams/groups
Smart teams
Statistics on learners, courses, quizzes
Webinars and ILT
Additional paid feature
Several learning portals in one account
Synchronization module
Dynamic content
Custom interface
Security settings
Prices on site
Minimum contract length
3 years
1 month
Number of learners included in most basic plan
Reviews on Global Software Review Services (
Record rating for LMS

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Appreciated by businesses all over the world

Embraced by enterprises globally, AcademyOcean LMS has facilitated triumphant training initiatives across 20 countries. 

When you select AcademyOcean, you gain access to a platform lauded with a remarkable 9.8/10 user-friendly rating and an impressive 9.6/10 rating for administrative ease (source: G2 Crowd).

Launch quickly

Explore AcademyOcean as your preferred alternative to Agylia and experience its track record of success. This platform enables a seamless start from day one. Unlike the Agylia approach, you won't be held up by preliminary tasks before initiating your training portal.

AcademyOcean furnishes a ready-to-deploy solution and an assortment of integrated tools, simplifying the customization process to align with your needs. Opt for AcademyOcean as a favoured alternative to Agylia and relish its streamlined setup process.

Flexible subscription service

AcademyOcean provides a viable option for those seeking alternatives to Agylia LMS. It offers a monthly subscription model, allowing a convenient entry point for platform testing. Shifting to an annual plan later presents an opportunity to save 25% on costs.

In contrast, Alternative Civica (LMS), previously known as Agylia, solely offers yearly payment plans. Users must commit to a full year's payment upfront to initiate service usage.

Transparent prices

You can explore AcademyOcean's array of pricing plans on our website, enabling you to select the option aligning best with your business objectives. Our entry-level program begins at $300 per month, encompassing 1,000 spots for active learners.

In contrast, Alternative Civica (LMS), once known as Agylia, doesn't openly present its pricing plans on its website. Reaching out to a company representative is necessary to gain insights into their costs.

Everything you need in one LMS

AcademyOcean LMS is a solid Agylia LMS Alternatives and a comprehensive training, quizzes, and certification solution.

When you opt for AcademyOcean, you access a toolset for constructing interactive courses and quizzes, an intricate analytics framework, and utilities for customizing certificates and branding your portal.

Contrarily, Alternative Civica (LMS), previously recognized as Agylia, restricts you from generating basic lessons using distinct materials. For interactive content or quizzes, additional software purchases are necessary.

Unique features

Separate training portals

Due to AcademyOcean's distinctive structure, you can establish customized training platforms for various target audiences, complete with their unique branding and interface language.

You can create distinct portals for employees, clients, or partners or even generate separate portals for local and remote teams, all covered under AcademyOcean's overall cost.

In contrast, when opting for Agylia, an alternative to Civica, it's important to note that there will be an additional charge for each portal beyond the standard offering.

Independent training portals
Content synchronization module

It's not uncommon for people to spend most of their setup time filling courses with content. We wanted to give you some of your time back, so we created a synchronization module to help out.

With this module, you can create and edit lessons, courses, and entire academies in a matter of clicks.

Content synchronization
Adaptive content

Only with AcademyOcean can you uniquely tailor content to each learner based on the information you know about them.

For example, you can attach multiple job descriptions to a lesson and set things up so each learner sees the report corresponding to their position. The rest of the class will remain the same for everyone. This feature sets AcademyOcean apart as a distinct choice when exploring alternative Civica (LMS) options or considering alternatives to Agylia LMS.

Adaptive content


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